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All consignees who wish to sell Via Auction Ouellette merchandise must submit items to the administrative office at least one week before the sale you wish to participate in, on the previous Wednesday. You no longer have to move your inventory. If you wish, you can leave the goods in your warehouse.
Consignee rates:
-For all consignments placed in deposit a minimum price applies, i. e. $25/item or pallet.
-For large items, this is done on a case-by-case basis. Inform yourself directly to us! 819-370-7456
-We also offer the service of taking inventory directly at your home in case you want the sale to take place on your site.
-All items must be in good condition and functional. Auction Ouellette reserves the right to refuse merchandise if they deem that the items have no market value, are out of date, illegal or non-functional. They must be ready to sell on a pallet at the reception.
Consignees will receive payment and a detailed report for their merchandise by cheque approximately 3-4 weeks after the sale by mail unless otherwise specified.